Starfleet Media Announces Publishing Agenda for 2020 Benchmark Reports

Posted July 15th, 2019

Starfleet Media today announced that eight benchmark report titles, including several revised and updated editions of previously published titles that proved to be popular among technology decision makers will be featured in the 2020 lineup of Starfleet Research benchmark reports. Several surveys (e.g., Application Performance Management and Enterprise Business Intelligence) that will serve as the basis for the best practices market research findings have already launched and will be promoted over the coming months to generate the requisite number of qualified responses. Some benchmark report titles have already been licensed on either an exclusive or shared basis by leading technology solution providers. Infor, for example, a global leader in business cloud software products and long-time client partner, has claimed exclusive licensing rights to The 2020 Benchmark Report on Enterprise Performance Management in support of their d/EPM platform capabilities.

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Technology Solution Providers Turn Dull Data Into Captivating Imagery With Co-Branded Infographics

Posted January 30th, 2019

Content assets need to be gated in order to generate leads, but not to be valuable. A good example is an infographic, which, simply put, is the visual display of quantitative information (hardly a new concept, as the noted historian Edward Tufte has long observed), usually in the form of 1-page PDF that, in some instances, can seem to stretch on for miles. According to a benchmark study we conducted a few years back, infographics are rarely gated, but, nonetheless, are rated valuable by 92 percent of marketers given their ability to drive website traffic and create brand awareness. According to new research, infographics receive three times more likes and shares on social platforms, on average, compared to other types of content assets, driving increased traffic to a company website or landing page. Let’s face it: Infographics have the power to transform dull data into captivating imagery. As hard as we try to keep our readers on the edges of their seats, we know that reading a 40-page Smart Decision Guide or other eBook or market research report rich in information and data can require a significant amount of time and attention. Turning some of the key takeaways into an infographic streamlines the process and make a lasting impression on the target audience of technology decision makers. At Starfleet Media, we’re often busy producing co-branded infographics that leverage the latest research from Starfleet Research, our IT market research arm, on behalf of our clients. The following is a new example of a co-branded infographic, on restaurant management and POS systems.  Continue reading

Content Marketing Assets: Bits and Atoms

Posted May 20th, 2017

The Starfleet team is heads down developing new commissioned eBooks on a range of topics, from next-generation electronic health records to advanced retail management technologies. Many of these content assets will be used for distribution at upcoming industry conferences. Solution providers will ship hard copies for use as handouts at their exhibitor booths. One such conference is HITEC, the world’s largest hospitality technology event, which takes place next month in Toronto. While we won’t be physically attending this year, our market research will have a physical presence. That’s because seven of our clients, including some of the largest solution providers in the hotels and resorts technology space, have commissioned new content assets in support of their marketing and sales activities at the conference. In this age of digital content assets, web-based content distribution and online lead generation, printed materials displayed in racks or stacked on tables in vendor exhibition halls continue to play an important role in helping companies raise brand visibility, demonstrate thought leadership and generate qualified leads. Indeed, when it comes to B2B content marketing, print is still alive and well.

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LinkedIn Highlights Research from Starfleet Media in eBook on Content Marketing

Posted April 18th, 2016

A new eBook, produced and distributed by LinkedIn, offers perspectives and insights from a variety of recognized sources on the art and science of content marketing. We’re pleased that this ambitious, 108-page endeavor, called The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing, includes some of Starfleet Media’s own benchmark research findings to help further educate “sophisticated marketers.” The eBook is recommended reading for any content marketing professional, whether they are just starting down the path or already a seasoned expert, and a nice complement to The 2016 Benchmark Report on  B2B Content Marketing and Lead Generation, which publishes later this quarter.

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A Look Ahead — and an Invitation to Participate in the 2016 Benchmark Report on B2B Content Marketing

Posted December 23rd, 2015

It’s been a busy year of helping dozens of leading B2B solution providers meet their content marketing and lead generation goals and successfully grow their client rosters — in some cases, by orders of magnitude. As 2015 draws to a close, we’re gearing up for a new year in which we will broaden the scope of our research practice areas to include several new industry verticals, including financial services, construction and healthcare (starting with The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Medical Practice Management Solutions). Also, with the launch of Starfleet Research, our IT market research arm, we will begin publishing additional types of content assets to help educate the marketplace and enable decision makers to make smarter decisions.

We’re also looking forward to the release, in June, of The 2016 Benchmark Report on B2B content Marketing and Lead Generation. The annual report has emerged as a definitive resource for B2B marketers. For us, it’s always a thrill to have a front-row seat to the innovation that is taking place in the world of B2B content marketing and our fingers on the pulse of how marketers are allocating their marketing spend and achieving success. To participate in the survey that serves as the basis for the research, please click here.

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Starfleet Research Prepares for Liftoff

Posted November 27th, 2015

We’re delighted to announce the soft launch of Starfleet Research, the IT market research arm for Starfleet Media. Going forward, most of our research-based reports and other content assets, including our popular Smart Decision Guides, will publish under the Starfleet Research moniker. Meanwhile, Starfleet Media will remain focused on delivering the next-generation lead generation services that dozens of leading B2B companies, including some of the world’s largest technology solution providers, have come to rely upon. Starfleet Media will also continue to publish the annual benchmark report on content marketing and lead generation.

Starfleet Research will lift off in early 2016. We have teamed with B2B content distribution partners like Madison Logic to help drive its success. The new website, which is still in development (and officially launches in January), will showcase the latest Smart Decision Guides and co-branded eBooks along with content assets in two new categories: Benchmark Reports (best practices market research, to help decision makers understand how top-performing companies are achieving their desired business objectives with specific technology-enabled business initiatives) and Actionable Insights Reports (which bring together the best in third-party thought leadership, to further educate the marketplace). Continue reading

Assessing the Primary Objectives for B2B Content Marketing

Posted September 3rd, 2015

According to our latest research findings, 89% of B2B companies invest in content marketing primarily to acquire new customers while only 34% do so primarily to retain existing customers. For 23% of companies, the objectives around acquisition and retention are perceived to be equally important when it comes to content marketing initiatives.

The fact that B2B companies are more than 2.5-times more likely to be focused on using content marketing for new customer acquisition than for customer retention purposes is telling, and it informs everything from content development to promotional tactics. Incidentally, this ratio has not changed significantly in the past year.

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More Companies are Spending More Money on Content Marketing

Posted July 17th, 2015

Perhaps no benchmark metrics are of greater interest to marketers than those related to budgeting and spending. Every marketer wants to know how much money other marketers, particularly those whose companies are comparable in terms of industry, category and size, are allocating to different marketing activities. This is certainly true when it comes to B2B content marketing and lead generation.

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Three Facts that B2B Content Marketers Should Keep in Mind

Posted June 10th, 2015

Fact #1: Most B2B companies are intent on using content marketing to fill their sales pipelines with not only more leads but also better-quality leads. In fact, 86% of marketers seeking to improve lead quantity are also seeking to improve lead quality.

Fact #2: Creating compelling content is hard. It’s no surprise, therefore, that almost three-quarters (73%) of companies “often” or “almost always” repurpose at least some portion of the content that was created for one asset (e.g., an eBook or white paper) into one or more other assets (e.g., a blog post, bylined article or infographic).

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For the Latest Insights on B2B Content Marketing…

Posted May 22nd, 2015

At long last, The 2015 Benchmark Report on B2B Content Marketing and Lead Generation is now available. While this latest research initiative covers a lot of the same ground as last year’s report, it also ventures into new areas of investigation, including the use of different tools — and even social data — to improve content marketing effectiveness.

The result is an even more comprehensive look – arguably, the most comprehensive and revealing one to be found anywhere – at how B2B companies are evolving their content marketing and lead generation capabilities to better achieve their business objectives.

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Take the New B2B Content Marketing Survey and Win Big

Posted March 12th, 2015

You won’t win a new car or dream vacation if you take our survey for the The 2015 Benchmark Report on B2B Content Marketing and Lead Generation. You may, however, win one of the $100 Amazon gift certificates we’re giving away. More importantly, you will receive a PDF of the report when it publishes in a couple of months. And what could be better than gaining actionable insights for taking your content marketing and lead generation programs to the next level?

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New Infographics Paint a Bright Picture of B2B Content Marketing

Posted December 2nd, 2014

There is no shortage of infographics, many of them quite compelling, insightful and even artistic, that speak to the fact that a growing number of B2B companies are allocating more and more of their marketing spend to content marketing for brand awareness and lead generation purposes. Some of the infographics focus on best practices. Others focus on emerging trends. Some focus on strategies, tactics and channels. Yet others address specific challenges, such as performance measurement – and, importantly, the favorable marketing ROI that more companies are now achieving from their content marketing efforts.

In all cases, the infographics are steeped in research data from a variety of sources, including our own published reports on B2B content marketing and lead generation. As always, we’re delighted to see others using our research findings to help educate the marketplace.

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