LinkedIn Highlights Research from Starfleet Media in eBook on Content Marketing

A new eBook, produced and distributed by LinkedIn, offers perspectives and insights from a variety of recognized sources on the art and science of content marketing. We’re pleased that this ambitious, 108-page endeavor, called The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing, includes some of Starfleet Media’s own benchmark research findings to help further educate “sophisticated marketers.” The eBook is recommended reading for any content marketing professional, whether they are just starting down the path or already a seasoned expert, and a nice complement to The 2016 Benchmark Report on  B2B Content Marketing and Lead Generation, which publishes later this quarter.

According to the eBook: “89% of marketers are using content marketing and 66% of marketers plan to increase content marketing spend in the next year. As a modern marketer, you know that content marketing is a critical component of every marketing strategy. Content marketing builds awareness, drives interest, and ultimately helps generate revenues by addressing a problem or offering an innovative twist on an old approach.”

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LinkedIn is singing our song. To download the eBook, please click here.

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