Starfleet Research co-branded eBooks harness the power of specificity, deep-diving into focused topic areas while demonstrating the best in thought leadership, research-based insights and creative, state-of-the-art design. It’s no wonder that so many of the world’s largest and most preeminent technology solution providers commission multiple deliverables each year to serve as the basis for their content marketing and lead generation activities.

Starfleet Research co-branded eBooks enable solution providers to raise brand visibility  in partnership with a globally-recognized name in IT market research – in the most compelling way possible. When made accessible via gated landing pages, these digital content assets also allow them to generate large numbers of qualified leads in the most cost-effective way possible.

Our seasoned market research and production teams handle all key aspects of the engagement, from project planning and management, survey-based research (including survey design, deployment and data analysis) and content development to graphic design and production, providing for a turnkey end-to-end process. Although objective, unbiased and non-salesy in nature, the content is nonetheless written to align with the solution provider’s competitive strengths, differentiated platform capabilities and go-to-market messages (and may even include one or more customer success stories, if desired). It is also written to reflect how the solution provider, who has the opportunity to provide guidance, feedback and suggestions for improvement throughout the process, aims to educate its target prospects and the marketplace as a whole. 

The perception of third-party objectivity is important when it comes to performance outcomes and overall success. Whereas vendor-produced white papers are commonly viewed as thinly-veiled marketing collateral from internal product marketing teams eager to hawk their own products and services, the Starfleet Research brand brings an unmatched “cloak of credibility.” For that reason, these deliverables typically perform exceptionally well in content marketing and lead generation campaigns, with solution providers consistently reporting much higher-than-average downloads and conversion rates.

Lead Generation

Lead generation campaigns run by Starfleet Media ensure delivery of a guaranteed number of qualified leads over a specified period of time based on the solution provider’s target prospect criteria. These campaigns, which typically complement a solution provider’s own lead gen activities, are offered only for deliverables in specific topic areas, such as hospitality technology. Solution providers benefit from contact databases that are amongst the most comprehensive and up-to-date in the world, industry-leading publications and media properties, an extended publication partner network, advanced SEO/SEM capabilities and strategic partnerships with content syndication providers.


Infographics have the power to transform dull data into captivating imagery. An eBook rich in information can require a significant amount of time and attention to fully digest. Turning key takeaways into an infographic can make a lasting impression while driving increased website traffic and brand awareness. Starfleet Research co-branded infographics, which solution providers have successfully used in hundreds of social media and other campaigns over the past decade, may be available as an add-on to further maximize the value of the investment.


A co-branded webinar with a Starfleet Research analyst as the featured speaker, sharing some of the survey-based research findings key takeaways featured in the eBook, and with Starfleet Media using its marketing muscle to help promote the event via multiple channels to drive increased registrations, attendance and overall brand awareness, may be another available option. A Starfleet Research co-branded webinar commonly ranks as a solution provider’s best-performing online event in a given year, with archived recordings delivering positive results for months (or even years, in some cases) after the conclusion of the live event.

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