For the past decade, Smart Decision Guides have been widely regarded as the most popular, definitive and authoritative digital resources for IT decision makers researching next-generation technology solutions in specific vertical markets. Starfleet Research is a world leader in benchmarking best practices in technology-enabled business initiatives, and our Smart Decision Guides are independently produced to help hotel, restaurant and healthcare professionals make informed decisions about the right technology solutions for their businesses. With up-to-date information on the latest technology innovations in each vertical market, Smart Decision Guides are an essential resource for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive business landscape. 

Some Smart Decision Guide titles are published on an annual basis. Examples include: The Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Property Management Systems, The Smart Decision Guide to Hospitality Revenue Management and The Smart Decision Guide to Restaurant Management and POS Systems. Other titles, such as The Smart Decision Guide to Medical Practice Management Systems, are published less frequently.

Our seasoned market research, project management and production teams handle all aspects of the engagement, from project planning and survey-based research (including survey design, deployment and data analysis) and content development to graphic design and production, providing for a turnkey end-to-end process. We pride ourselves on our unbiased, objective and non-salesy approach to content development. At the same time, Smart Decision Guides are written to reflect each underwriter’s competitive strengths, platform capabilities, and go-to-market messages. Underwriters have the opportunity to review drafts and provide feedback before publication. This ensures that the final product is a valuable resource that meets the needs of our clients.

The Smart Decision Guide program is designed to help solution providers demonstrate thought leadership while raising brand visibility and generating qualified leads. Underwriters in the program (participation is limited to 5 solution providers) receive a guaranteed number of qualified leads, delivered over a specified period of time, based on their individual target prospect criteria. In addition, underwriters receive a custom licensed version of the content asset for use in their own content marketing campaigns. By participating in the program, solution providers are able to gain valuable exposure and connect with potential customers in a cost-effective way.

The Starfleet Research brand brings an unmatched “cloak of credibility.” For that reason, Smart Decision Guides tend to generate a larger number of leads — and, also, higher quality leads  than any other content asset, particularly those produced by their own internal product marketing teams, or other lead generation program that may be available in the marketplace. In fact, some underwriters report consistently generating thousands of leads via both Starfleet Media and their own marketing and distribution channels. It’s no wonder, then, that Smart Decision Guides have averaged 80% year-over-year sponsorship renewal over the past decade, with underwriters that include 8 of the 10 largest (by revenue) hospitality technology solution providers and 3 of the 5 largest healthcare IT solution providers.

Benefits include:

  • Each underwriter’s logo is featured on the front cover of the Smart Decision Guide (maximum 5 logos); their company profile page, with their business description, contact information and related links to their company blog, solution fact sheets and/or other resources, is featured in the appendix. 
  • Each underwriter receives a guaranteed minimum number of qualified leads, generated from manually scrubbed and verified downloads of the content asset, based on their target prospect criteria. Qualified leads are delivered in a timely fashion (oftentimes, daily) and within a specified period of time (typically, 3-6 months). Underwriters may have the option to purchase additional batches of leads following fulfillment of the initial leads delivery obligation.
  • Each Underwriter receives perpetual licensing rights to a licensed version of the Smart Decision Guide (featuring their logo only on the cover and their company profile page only in the appendix) for use in their own marketing campaigns and as sales support, marketing collateral on the company website, industry trade shows, etc.
  • Each underwriter’s name and description is included in all related press releases, Starfleet Media industry publications (Hotel Technology News and/or Restaurant Technology News), if applicable, publication network promotional activities, digital ad placements, outbound email blasts to opt-in subscriber/contact databases, social media distribution, syndication partner landing pages and other “get found” channels for additional brand visibility
  • Each underwriter receives a batch of credits for publication of future byline articles, press releases, customer success stories, Spotlight Interviews, etc., in Starfleet Media industry publications (Hotel Technology News  and / or Restaurant Technology News), if applicable; benefits also include discounted banner advertising, email newsletter inserts, etc.