Driving Webinar Registrations and Sharing Actionable Insights

Technology solution providers often call on us to partner with them on industry events, both online (e.g., webinars) and in-person (e.g., tradeshows and customer conferences). These events, particularly webinars, are relatively easy to orchestrate and generally effective in helping solution providers reach and educate new target prospects (and, ultimately, generating to client revenue opportunities) while raising overall brand visibility.

We’re pleased to participate, both as a featured speaker, which provides for the opportunity to share our latest insights and guidance based on survey-based research findings, and by helping to drive registrations through various promotional activities, including via our industry publications, databases and partner channels.

A good example is next month’s webinar with Punchh, a PAR Technology company, entitled “How Islands Restaurants is Set Up for Loyalty Success in 2023 and Beyond.” PAR Technology is also an underwriter of The 2023 Smart Decision Guide Restaurant Management and POS Systems.

“Join us as we examine how the revolutionary full service brand, Islands Restaurants, optimized their loyalty program through an innovative strategy crafted from focus group feedback, while also garnering employee buy-in and implementing new acquisition tactics to grow their loyal following. Plus, hear from the research director at Starfleet Research, who also serves as managing editor of Restaurant Technology News, as he shares their latest research on loyalty trends and what you need to do to prepare for success in 2023.” Attendees can register for this upcoming event here.

A co-branded webinar commonly ranks as a solution provider’s best-performing online event in a given year, with archived recordings delivering positive results for months (or even years, in some cases) after the conclusion of the live event. Contact us to schedule an event and/or to learn more about the opportunity.

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