Starfleet’s Doors Reopen and Delayed Programs Get Back on Track

Our office, which relocated only recently to a 110-year-old converted warehouse known as the Mercedes Building in the bustling and artsy River North section of Chicago, has opened its doors and is back in business after a long sabbatical necessitated by the public health crisis. We occupy the entire fourth floor loft space. While some of our colleagues will continue to work remotely (as has always been the case), and we’ve unfortunately had to dial back some resources during this time of reduced marketing budgets and continued uncertainty in the industries we serve, we’ve now taken all necessary steps to get up and running safely following CDC and AICP guidelines with respect to social distancing, sanitizing surfaces and reducing touch points. We plan to ramp up our staffing levels over the next few months as we look to get our operations back on track and, eventually, running again at full capacity. We’re also gearing up to launch some of the long-delayed content marketing and lead generation programs (including several postponed Smart Decision Guides focused on the hospitality sector that have now been revised and updated to reflect the current state of the industry) on behalf of our clients, who have been unbelievably flexible and supportive during this period. To them, we’re forever grateful.

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