Starfleet Media Founder Named “a Top Technology Professional Inspiring Innovation in the U.S. Hotel Industry”

Starfleet Media is pleased to announce that its founder, Jeff Zabin, who also serves as research director at Starfleet Research, our IT market research arm, has been recognized by Advanced Hospitality Technologies as one of 17 Top Technology Professionals Inspiring Innovation in the U.S. Hotel Industry. “The U.S. hospitality sector is experiencing a massive transition from vintage hotel experiences towards more tech-powered service offerings across the industry. This increased interest in hotel technologies has not been easily triggered and has taken almost a decade to inspire,” notes the organization in a press statement. According to Advanced Hospitality Technologies, these 17 individuals “have inspired hotel owners to discover the world of hospitality technology solutions.” The list includes executives at several Starfleet Media client partner companies, including Alexander Shashou, founder of ALICE, David Berger, founder of Volara, and Margaret Ady, co-founder of Apaleo. We’re delighted to be in such good company.

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