Starfleet Research Co-branded eBooks: Demonstrate Thought Leadership, Raise Brand Visibility and Generate Qualified Leads

Starfleet Research co-branded eBooks harness the power of specificity, deep-diving into focused topic areas, while demonstrating the best in thought leadership, research-based insights, and creative design. Starfleet Media handles all research, content development, graphic design and production work. Whereas internal, vendor-produced content assets are commonly viewed as thinly-veiled marketing collateral, the Starfleet Research brand brings an unmatched “cloak of credibility.” Co-branded eBooks enable solution providers to demonstrate thought leadership, raise brand visibility and generate qualified leads. With Starfleet Research co-branded eBooks (and infographics), the content focus and key takeaways are developed to align with the solution provider’s competitive strengths, go-to-market messages, and how the solution provider seeks to educate its target prospects.

Solution providers receive perpetual licensing rights; the content can be repurposed into company blogs, social media, derivative publications, etc., and used however else they see fit.

Programs may include a co-branded Webinar, with Starfleet Research analyst participating as the featured speaker and Starfleet Media helping to promote the event to drive registrations.

Lead time: 2-3 months

Cost: Varies, depending on multiple factors, including the topic and content focus, whether the eBook can leverage existing research data or requires a custom survey, and whether the deliverable is to include a lead generation component

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