Best Practices for Leveraging Starfleet Research Content Assets on LinkedIn

There are countless ways to put a Starfleet Research content asset, be it the licensed version of a Smart Decision Guide or benchmark report, a co-branded eBook or an infographic, to good use. In most cases, “good use” means using it as the basis for a content marketing and lead generation campaign. There are many different channels that can be used for this purpose. One channel that has proven especially effective is LinkedIn, given its business-related orientation and interest-specific audiences. And one approach that has also proven especially effective involves sharing a single research finding in a post, which then links to a landing page. Often, a single, compelling stat is all it takes to pique a reader’s interest and prompt him or her to click through to the landing page where they can read more and download the content asset.

Here, as an example, is a series of LinkedIn posts from Oracle Hospitality that leverage the licensed versions of two 2019 Smart Decision Guides. Clearly, the social media marketing team has mastered the practice of promoting content through selected research findings.


Here are a few other examples of Starfleet Research content assets, including co-branded eBooks and an infographic, our client partners are currently promoting via LinkedIn. One example (Heartland) is a paid promotion, which gets the post in front of many more potential prospects. In all cases, the posts serve as teasers designed to drive readers to landing pages. There they can learn more and access the content asset via a gated field form or, as in the case of the infographic, which was published on Hotel Technology News (a Starfleet Media publication), they can access it directly.

Have you tried promoting your licensed version of a Smart Decision Guide or other Starfleet Research content asset via LinkedIn? You may be pleasantly surprised by the response you receive.


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