For Technology Solution Providers, Infographics Can Tell a Good Story

While infographics are rarely gated, meaning no customer prospect information is required to access them, that doesn’t mean this type of content asset does not serve a valuable purpose. On the contrary, there may be no better brand-building vehicle. In fact, in a recent survey our co-branded infographics were rated valuable by 92 percent of marketers given their ability to drive website traffic and create brand awareness. According to other research, infographics receive three times more likes and shares on social platforms, on average, compared to other types of content assets, driving increased traffic to a company website or landing page. Let’s face it: Infographics have the power to transform dull data into captivating imagery.

At Starfleet Media, our in-house content development and design team is often busy producing co-branded infographics that leverage the latest research from Starfleet Research, our IT market research arm, as well as other research sources, on behalf of our client partners.

Below is a recent example of a co-branded infographic that incorporates research data from Starfleet Media as well as another third-party source:

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