Three Facts that B2B Content Marketers Should Keep in Mind

Fact #1: Most B2B companies are intent on using content marketing to fill their sales pipelines with not only more leads but also better-quality leads. In fact, 86% of marketers seeking to improve lead quantity are also seeking to improve lead quality.

Fact #2: Creating compelling content is hard. It’s no surprise, therefore, that almost three-quarters (73%) of companies “often” or “almost always” repurpose at least some portion of the content that was created for one asset (e.g., an eBook or white paper) into one or more other assets (e.g., a blog post, bylined article or infographic).

Fact #3: Content marketing processes and operations are oftentimes inefficient, with many companies lacking a content marketing strategy (27% outsource their strategic planning). Moreover, only 60% of large and very large companies use a content marketing collaboration / project management platform to coordinate and track related tasks and workflows internally and with vendors.

These facts, along with many others, are highlighted in our latest market research on B2B content marketing and lead generation. The new benchmark report has already been downloaded by thousands of marketers and has been garnering some nice media attention this week from leading industry publications like MarketingProfs (“B2B Content Marketing: Top Tactics, Goals, and Tools“) and eMarketer (e.g., see chart below and related article).

Starfleet Media data from eMarketer

To download The 2015 Benchmark Report on B2B Content Marketing and Lead Generation, click here.

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