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At long last, The 2015 Benchmark Report on B2B Content Marketing and Lead Generation is now available. While this latest research initiative covers a lot of the same ground as last year’s report, it also ventures into new areas of investigation, including the use of different tools — and even social data — to improve content marketing effectiveness.

The result is an even more comprehensive look – arguably, the most comprehensive and revealing one to be found anywhere – at how B2B companies are evolving their content marketing and lead generation capabilities to better achieve their business objectives.

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To be sure, most B2B companies continue to make good progress in harnessing the power of content marketing to demonstrate thought leadership, raise brand visibility, and, of course, generate qualified leads. That progress is reflected in many of the research findings. At the same time, there remains plenty of room for improvement.

Last year’s report was featured in dozens of leading publications and media outlets and accessed via a wide range of channels, including trade associations and industry events, by marketing and sales practitioners at thousands of companies around the world. We hope this year’s report will help steer an even greater number of people and companies in the right direction.


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