Making a Splash with B2B Content Marketing Research

It’s been gratifying to see the far-reaching impact that our research on B2B content marketing and lead generation has had over the past two months. The insights have been featured in dozens of leading marketing and industry trade magazines and company websites (including, in just the last two days, an article in CMS Wire and several blogs, including one from Branding Media and one from Hunter Business Development, as well as a mention in and highlighted data featured in multiple presentations and infographics like the one below). The research has thus far been accessed by more than 6,500 marketers at companies both small and large, including one-third of the Fortune 500, as well as by more than 1,200 agencies and solution providers.


brown creative


We’re pleased to be able to play an instrumental role in educating the marketplace and positively influencing so many marketing spend decisions. We’re committed to continuing to benchmark B2B content marketing practices for the benefit of the marketing community as a whole, even as our own content development activities (i.e., Smart Decision Guides and custom eBooks) remain narrowly focused on serving the needs of companies in selected niche markets.

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