Using Research Surveys to Support Climate Projects

Starfleet Research has long been committed to environmental protection. Now we are doing so with the launch of three new market research surveys, the findings of which will inform upcoming research reports that focus on various aspects of hotel and resort technology. For each completed research survey, Starfleet Research will donate $5.00 to Ecologi, a nonprofit organization that partners with climate projects to offset carbon emissions. A qualified respondent who completes all three surveys will enable a donation of $15. To date, Starfleet Research has supported more than 50 climate projects and funded the planting of over 800 trees.

The first survey, titled Hotel IoT Security: Best Practices and State of the Industry, is made possible with underwriting support from Palo Alto Networks, This survey explores the implementation of IoT devices in hotel organizations and the security measures in place to protect against cyberattacks. It also addresses challenges, breaches, and future improvements in IoT security.

The second survey, titled Hotel Pool and Spa Water Management: Best Practices and State of the Industry, is made possible with underwriting support from  VivoAquatics. This survey delves into current pool and spa management practices, including water testing, guest complaints, sustainability initiatives, and future improvements.

The third survey, titled Hotel Guest Data Capture and ID Verification Practices, is made possible with underwriting support from HID Global, part of Assa Abloy. This survey explores challenges in front desk operations, methods of capturing guest data, ID verification processes, and the benefits of using ID document scanners at check-in.

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