At Starfleet Media, We Speak Your Language

Hotels and restaurants dot the landscape of every country. And while not all hoteliers and restaurateurs speak English, they nonetheless want to stay smart and keep current on the latest technology developments and emerging trends as they relate to their industries and to understand how these technologies might enable them to improve their own company’s business performance. At the same time, most leading solution providers, always eager to expand their market presence and client rosters, want to educate and engage with IT decision makers around the world. For sales and marketing teams, that means being able to present prospects with relevant information and insights in a language other than English. Arguably, no resources are more valuable for the purpose of educating the marketplace on the benefits of next-generation technologies in the hospitality sector and other niche markets we serve than Smart Decision Guides and co-branded eBooks. It’s no wonder, then, that we’re continuously being asked to produce translated versions of these content assets. All told, our Smart Decision Guides and co-branded eBooks have been translated into more than a dozen languages. We’re delighted that we’re able to help solution providers operating on the international stage achieve their content marketing and lead generation objectives. We’re also proud of the fact that our best practices market research is read by IT decision makers in hundreds of countries around the world, helping them make smarter technology-related business decisions, no matter what language they speak.

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