Starfleet’s Hospitality Industry Publications Waive Fees for Solution Providers Offering Aid to Hotels and Restaurants

At Starfleet Media, the hospitality industry has been the primary focus of our research, content development and partnership activities since our inception. During this time, we’ve had the good fortune to work with hundreds of hotel and restaurant technology solution providers and also interview and collaborate with countless industry practitioners in the hospitality industry. We’ve made a lot of friends and have a deep affinity for the industry we’ve covered so closely. Needless to say, we feel the pain that is wreaking devastation on so many these businesses right now. At the same time, we’re impressed with the rapid technology innovation we’ve seen on the part of solution providers, including many of our client partners, with the introduction of new contactless apps, social distancing devices, disinfectant technologies and other capabilities designed to help the industry get through this dark chapter in its history. We can only hope that the public health crisis is short lived. Meanwhile, we’re committed to supporting the industry by publishing and disseminating — at no cost — information from technology solution providers offering free, actionable aid to hotels and restaurants in distress in both Hotel Technology News and Restaurant Technology News. The publication and distribution of these content items, including press releases and bylined articles, does not require the purchase of credits. Content items may be submitted through our online submission forms or by emailing Debbie Carson, our associate editor, at

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