Starfleet Leads the Pack with Co-branded eBooks in the Hospitality Sector

It was a busy summer at Starfleet Media and Starfleet Research, our IT market research arm, in terms of content production and demand generation of co-branded eBooks, with more than a dozen new titles recently (or soon to be) released in partnership with some of the world’s leading technology solution providers. Hospitality IT has long been one of our industry focus areas. It’s no surprise, then, that more than half of the new eBook titles (some of the covers are shown below) explore various aspects of technology-enabled business improvement for hotels and resorts. We are proud to lead the pack of market research firms (and all others) in the production and distribution of commissioned eBooks for this dynamic industry sector. Starfleet Research brings an unmatched “cloak of credibility” in the eyes of hotel operators that invariably results in more leads and higher quality leads. And our market presence in this sector continues to grow with the success of Hotel Technology News, which is fast becoming a leading industry resource. The fact that all of the solution providers previously partnered with us on other co-branded eBooks speaks to the value of these resources for use in content marketing and lead generation activities and the overwhelming demand we continue to receive for new commissioned eBooks.

The new collection of co-branded eBooks stands out for the attractive, state-of-the-art designs as well as the original, highly compelling content, all of it based on custom research. Each eBook averages 18-25 pages in length. A co-branded eBook program may include a guaranteed number of qualified leads generated by Starfleet Media and its network of industry partners that are exclusive to the client sponsor (or sponsors, in the case of multi-sponsored eBooks).

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