Starfleet Media Partners with Restaurant Activity Report

We have recently established several new strategic partnerships to support the continued growth of our IT restaurant management practice area. Foremost among these strategic partnerships is The Restaurant Activity Report, which since 1998 has been the industry leader in providing research data about new restaurants opening up and changing hands throughout the United States. What sets this organization apart from all the others is a research staff which spends hundreds of hours each month manually scouring new business data. As the team confirms new leads or gathers activity data, they upload it to the website and send an email notification to each member who has decided to opt in. Members can also log in at any time to see leads or data, even if they have declined to be part of the email notification system.

We’re excited to partner Rick Wilcox and his team at The Restaurant Activity Report on upcoming campaigns and other content marketing projects. The operation is impressive and highly recommended for any B2B company that sells to restaurant buyers and seeks to identify restaurants that have recently opened or are currently in the process of opening. The data is extremely accurate and nearly impossible to obtain through any other means.  

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