Most B2B companies are shifting ever-larger portions of their marketing budgets from outbound marketing to inbound marketing. Yet, some companies, including technology solution providers, continue to rely on age-old tactics for growing their client rosters. They’re buying contact lists. They’re sending email blasts. They’re making cold calls. They’re advertising and going to trade shows. In short, they’re using the same marketing playbook they've used for the past ten or fifteen years, only with diminishing results.

The world has changed and today companies need to ensure that their brands can be readily found online by decision makers who are currently in the market to buy. More than that, they need to capture pertinent pieces of information about those decision makers. That means utilizing digital content assets, including eBooks, whitepapers and research reports, that people will see in their keyword search results and immediately want to download and read. This is especially true for B2B solution providers is markets where target prospects tend to be scarce and hard to reach using traditional marketing tactics.

Our Focus. Your Success.

At Starfleet Media, we make content marketing and lead generation as easy as pie for technology solution providers in selected niche markets. Our turnkey program serves the needs of the world's largest and most preeminent solution providers in industry sectors that include hospitality, retail and healthcare IT. By attaching their brands to a Smart Decision Guide™, they educate their target prospects in an unbiased and highly effective manner while filling their sales pipelines with qualified leads in the most economical way possible.

B2B companies, including technology solution providers, often spend a lot of time and money developing new content assets that may or may not be up to snuff (and, regardless, are generally perceived by target prospects as thinly-veiled marketing collateral). They also invest in search engine marketing, social media and landing page optimization, content syndication, PR and media placement and other demand generation activities that may or may not end up delivering the desired results.

With Smart Decision Guides™, companies license a widely-recognized content asset that serves as the definitive resource on their market niche. And they generate the qualified leads they need to grow their client rosters. Here precision is the name of the game. Precision content that aligns with their core messaging and capabilities. Precision leads that meet their target prospect criteria.

Following are some previously-released titles as examples of the kind of specificity that defines the program in terms of prospect targeting with laser-focused content (click on the cover images to jump to the landing pages):




The Starfleet Media Advantage

We know what it takes for technology solution providers in selected niche markets like hospitality, retail and healthcare to get their brands in front of the right decision makers. First, it takes a compelling content asset. No content asset is more compelling than a Smart Decision Guide™. Just ask our clients, many of whom sign up for a Smart Decision Guide™ program in which they previously participated more than 6 months in advance. Several annual titles (e.g., the Smart Decision Guide™ to Hospitality Revenue Management) have been underwritten by all of the same solution providers for five or six consecutive years. Second, it takes a state-of-the-art "get found" infrastructure. (The build-it-and-they-will-come approach to content marketing almost never works in the real world.) That’s where our in-house expertise in paid search and landing page optimization, as well as our own leading media properties along with our various strategic relationships (including a partnership with a best-in-class CPA (Google AdWords) bidding agency) and next-generation technology capabilities, come into play.

Ultimately, our ability to deliver superior results, including conversion rates that our clients report to be 2- to 3-times higher than the industry average, comes down to the following:

Quality Content. This speaks to the very core of what we do. Over the past five years, our Smart Decision Guides™ have emerged to become the number one authoritative resource for B2B decision makers charged with purchasing next-generation solutions in selected niche markets at all stages of the research-and-consideration cycle. More eBook than research report, a Smart Decision Guide™ offers the type of information, guidance, evaluation frameworks and roadmaps for success that every decision maker is looking for and eager to download. The companies that secure an underwriting role (and whose logos appear on the cover and in the appendix) gain mission-critical benefits, including sizable increases in brand visibility, website traffic, sales enablement and, of course, qualified leads that convert into new customers.

Qualified Leads. Smart Decision Guides™ made available through paid search, social media and our extensive partnership of trade publications and industry resources (including our own leading media properties), as well as via search engine-optimized landing pages, micro-websites, content syndication sites, etc., attract those needles in a haystack – i.e., decision makers currently in the market to buy – like a powerful magnet. Our "get found" infrastructure ensures that every program we run yields a large number of new revenue opportunities for the underwriters, often well beyond the guaranteed number of qualified leads. And because our business model enables us to achieve economies of scale on a cost-per-lead (CPL) basis, we're able to price our programs in a highly cost-effective manner.

Hitch your star to a Smart Decision Guide™ today. You can be confident that you’re teaming with a trusted partner committed to maximizing the value of your marketing investment and driving your long-term success.